Our Neighbours.

Our Community.

I’m sure we all have lots of friends who have their own businesses. And many of those businesses are suffering badly during this ongoing crisis.

I also see so many local people who have had to figure out new ways of making ends meet. They’ve become entrepreneurs, selling a truly impressive variety of goods and services, from handmade candles or jams and jellies, to cosmetics, to food preparation and delivery.

I see them advertising every day, on Facebook groups and pages – these local businesses can use our support.

Personally, I’m planning on shopping local as much as possible from friend’s pages and websites this year! I would prefer to buy local as opposed to big chains. It’s a great way to help local businesses stay in business during this pandemic (and I know I’ll get the very best customer service!).

The best compliment is a referral, and word of mouth is HUGE, so let’s pass the word and help bring our local businesses to the attention of others!

Keep it local!!! Help family and friends!